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Sola (SOL)

What is Sola?

Sola comes from Social Layer. And it’s a next-gen decentralized social network using the blockchain technology. I like their presentation and the fact that they use the analogy with a virus on how to spread content online. It reminds me of Plague Inc. Maybe you’ve played this game on your phone or tablet.

However, unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, you don’t have friends. You can share your content with the whole world. And you can make money out of your content. That’s where it gets interesting.

There isn’t any special program, nor special terms. So you can use the platform as you want. First, you create a card, with some content: some text, a picture or a poll. And when your cards are spreading, you receive SOL tokens. The more cards spread, the more you earn.

How big is the network? While you can’t compare it with THE social network of Zuckerberg, it boasts over 700,000 users. So this is the audience you can share your cards with.

Sola Tokens by Sola

While the ICO is now over, you can still get free Sola tokens. The Sola economy is powered by SOL, a utility token with a monetary function. Basically, it allows to reward users and sell services in an efficient and transparent manner.

The token is based on ERC20, the standard of ethereum. And a total of 150,000,000 SOL tokens will be released.

Also, users can now buy and sell SOL on different exchanges!

How to get the free SOL tokens?

Sola airdrop 1

Easy as pie! Indeed, all you need to do is to register on their website to get 5 SOL! Click on Register at the top right of the screen. Then fill in the signup form with your email, your password, and your name. While you can use a pseudonym, you should use a valid email address. Because you’ll have to verify it.

After you click on Register (again), you’ll have to validate your phone number. So fill in your phone number, solve the captcha and request the validation code. And you’ll have 1 minute to input the code you receive by SMS. Then you’re done. You’ll get 5 SOL and be able to earn more from your content.

In addition, you can help them increase their user base to get more SOL. So, share this airdrop with your family and friends to get more free cryptocoins.

Sola airdrop 2

If you haven’t registered to their platform yet, now is the right time! Because you can get 30 free SOL tokens right now. And all you have to do is to click here. Then register and you’ll get 5 free SOL tokens. And to get the extra 25 SOL, you’ll need to install and log in to their app, either on Android or on iOS.

Also, their referral program is still running: You can get 5% of the earnings of your referred users and 25 SOL per app install. To share this crypto airdrop, simply copy and paste your unique referral link (shown at the top of the screen).

Finally, you can get more SOL tokens when you post cards and other users vote for your cards. And you can also participate in the Sola’s challenges to win prizes. Enjoy!

DYOR. NEVER share your private keys! And NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, we recommend using Trezor wallet.
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Sola airdrop
Sola is a social network on blockchain that rewards users who create viral content with tokens.
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I've read and reviewed dozens of crypto airdrops since this airdrop alert site is live. And here's my take on this project. If the score is below 5, you may never receive free tokens, honestly. And if it's above 8, you'll definitely get your free coins!

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