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Is RollerCoin Legit? My Updated Review for 2024

RollerCoin is a mining simulation game that allows you to earn real cryptos by playing mini-games and owning virtual mining rigs. It’s a fun and exciting concept for gamers and people who like to kill time and get paid for it (like me). But is this online mining simulator really worth your time? Find out in my review below.

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RollerCoin allows you to build a virtual mining empire and earn cryptos in real life! Try it now and stop wasting your time when playing! Available on PC and mobile.

Introducing RollerCoin

This 8-bit browser game, that also works on mobile, was launched in 2018. It has already accumulated more than 338,995 users at the time I write this RollerCoin review. And it’s rapidly growing every day. Why? Because it pays you in real cryptos.


In this online game, you’re a crypto-miner. And you get to compete against other players to mine crypto. It’s like in real life. But without the hassle (electricity costs and maintenance). You play mini-games to increase your power and funds instead of purchasing expensive hardware and learning to code.

After signing up, it’s time to customize your avatar, or to create a unique NFT avatar on 8biticon!

RollerCoin partnered with 8biticon, the OG pixel art avatar maker. When you mint an avatar, you can then use it in the game. And it gives you exclusive rewards: 10 RLT, 1 miner, and 2% bonus power!

When you’re done with your avatar, you find yourself alone in an empty room, in front of a computer, with a cooling fan. And you can start building your data center!

rollercoin room
My room is still empty. But I’ve been working on it!

How to play RollerCoin?

First of all, you need to sign up, of course – and get 1,000 satoshi for free.

Then, it all depends on your own efforts and dedication. Like with IRL mining, it’s all about power and hash rate. This is what allows you to mine crypto.

I’ve been playing for almost 2 years now. But mostly as a casual gamer. Lately, I spent more time building my mining empire. And I got into the top 20, as you can see here – giving me a nice recurring income. I’m now trying to go higher on the leaderboard!

It made me realize there’s so much potential with this game.

If you like playing games and kill time, you can allocate this time to play RollerCoin and get paid for it. And, little by little, you can invest your earnings in your data center and create yourself a new stream of income. Many users like Rachel, Pete, and Wayne followed Phil’s strategy to successfully make money on RollerCoin.

There are two ways of increasing your mining power.

Play mini-games

Play mini-games to get some mining power and funds. For each mini-game you win, you get a reward in mining power. And the hashrate you get depends on the difficulty level of the game you played. The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward. But the difficulty level increases after a few wins, making it more difficult and fun.

rollercoin games on mobile
The mini-game selection on mobile

There are several games available, knockoffs of popular mobile games like Doodle Jump, 2048, Flappy Bird or Galaga. And each game lasts between 30 and 70 seconds, depending on the difficulty and your performance.

Below is a quick introduction of the games and their duration and reward:

  • Coinclick – Duration: 40 seconds – Reward: 600 points: Bring down all the falling coins by clicking on them before they reach the ground. You can hit as many as you can see on the screen. More downed coins means more reward. Be strong!
  • Token Blaster – Duration: 40 seconds – Reward: 700 points: While test-driving a new Lambo Huracan Performante Spyder, you were robbed by an alien armada. They stole all your coins and now you must take back what is yours. ATTACK – the enemy can’t stand against you!
  • Flappy Rocket – Duration: 40 seconds – Reward: 704 points: Hamster is making his way through the Crypto Galaxy in search of new planets to build more mining facilities. Make sure he gets to the destination in one piece. Help him avoid candlesticks and market fluctuations!
  • Cryptonoid – Duration: 60 seconds – Reward: 912 points: This game is more like a traditional “Arkanoid” game. Hit the hashes with a bitcoin block to get them in and earn mining power. Eventually, it will get to a point when it will be incredibly difficult to bring them all down, but there is no limit to perfection.
  • Coin-match – Duration: 70 seconds – Reward: 819 points: Use your skills, logic, and imagination to eliminate more coins in this match-three puzzle game. Click and drag the coin to move it and make matches of up to five coins in a row – vertical or horizontal, but not diagonal. Good luck!
  • Crypto Hamster – Duration: 40 seconds – Reward: 900 points: Crypto Hamster moves to the moon! The hero jumps automatically. You should use the left and right arrow keys to move it from side to side. Be aware of aliens, press the Up-arrow button to kill them. Best of luck!
  • 2048 Coins – Duration: 60 seconds – Reward: 850 points: Slide the deck to stack two matching coins, every merge creates the coin of higher rank. You are playing against the clock, so better think fast! All ranks are listed on the right side. Caution: highly addictive.
  • Coin-Flip – Duration: 60 seconds – Reward: 900 points: Click on the miner to check which coin it has been working for. Try matching the coins to clear them all out and earn the remaining hashrate.
  • Dr.Hamster – Duration: 60 seconds – Reward: 896 points: Test your speed and reaction in the latest 3D-Tetris machine. Rotate the blocks faster and be aware of these colorful monsters – they can help you to complete the stack or block your way out!
  • Token Surfer – Duration: 60 seconds – Reward: 840 points: Conquer the rooftops of RollerCoin city! It’s just you, skateboard, and shiny coins to collect. Jump over the obstacles, avoid angry birds, and try not to fall. Press double jump to make a flip. Now GO and get as many coins as you can!

On the page, we can see that there are slots for up to 5 more games coming soon. And I’m curious to see which ones they’ll add in the future!

Build your mining empire

If you want to get serious and keep your sanity – grinding games daily is really hard – you need to buy some racks and rigs to start mining. Of course, you can keep playing mini-games, to increase your hashrate, and for fun !

At the beginning, you’re in a room. To add miners, you need to buy racks. There are 2 types of racks:

  • 8 cells: You can put four 2-cell miners or eight 1-cell miners
  • 6 cells: To place three 2-cell miners or six 1-cell miners

I’d recommend buying the racks with the highest capacity, as space is getting scarce after a while.

And then the fun begins! You can start collecting and accumulating miners. I used to buy miners with the highest ratio of power for the price. But RollerCoin introduced a power bonus for each miner. So I became a collector, to maximize the power of my existing rigs.

I mine exclusively bitcoin – orange coin good. But you can choose any other crypto: ETH, BNB, MATIC, DOGE, or SOL. You can also mine the game’s own token: RLT. And you can even split your power between assets.

Some players switch between assets depending on the weekly rewards – incentives from RollerCoin. And they pick the ones where the more money is available

You can stack or reinvest your profits to increase your mining power. If you keep reinvesting all your profits on mining rigs, you could ultimately start earning a nice passive income.

If you want to maintain your power (and your earnings), you need to:
1. Recharge electricity once every 5 days – your miners need electricity to work.
2. Play a few mini-games sometimes – otherwise your mining rigs will need servicing.

How much can you make on RollerCoin?

RollerCoin being a P2E game, we all want to make money with it. Of course, the amount of earnings depends on the amount of time or money you invest.

Earnings per game

You won’t be earning much power per game, that’s why it makes more sense to reinvest your earnings in your data center.

I ran a quick test before writing that RollerCoin review: I played 51 mini-games (mostly Coin-match, 2048 Coins, and Coin-Flip). And it provided me with 37.707 Th/s of mining power. So that’s an average of 739,352 Gh/s of hashrate per game.

Then, I allocated this hashrate to mining 100% bitcoin. And I removed all the mining rigs I already own. The expected reward was 0.09 sat per block. Knowing that a block is mined every 5 minutes, that’s 25.92 satoshis per day.

Keep in mind that these numbers tend to fluctuate with the crypto you select, the number of players and the total hashrate in the game.

Whether you win or you lose, you get additional mining power to mine more cryptos. But winning is winning: In 3 days, I received 2 virtual computers. The first one after 20 wins and the second after 50 wins. My latest machine allows me to keep the mining power I won for 5 days – instead of the usual 1 day. And I have to win at least 1 game per day to keep it.

My RollerPredator3000!

If I were to play 1 game for the next 5 days, I’d make a total of 155.52 satoshis for 56 games. That’s 2.77 sat per game – similar to a bitcoin faucet roll.

Earnings with mining

This is a tough one. Because the money you make with your miners will depend on:

  • The coin(s) you mine
  • The network power for the coin(s) you mine
  • You own power allocated to mining the coin(s)
  • The block reward and potential incentives for the coin(s) you mine

But fortunately, you can use the Rollerbuddy calculator to estimate your earnings! While it isn’t endorsed by RollerCoin, I found it to be quite accurate.

Earning with referrals

RollerCoin offers a referral program, to reach more potential players and reward existing miners. So if you’re an influencer, or if you want to invite your friends and family to the game, share your referral link. And you will all benefit from it:

  • Referred users get 1,000 SATs to their balance to start the game.
  • Partners get a 25% commission from referred users’ profit and 15% from in-game purchases.

RollerCoin store

The store evolved a lot over the years. And this is what it looked like before:

rollercoin store
In the store, you can buy miners and racks

These days, you can buy many things from the store: Miners, racks, lootboxes, parts, and skins! And there are even sales on exclusive miners, on a weekly basis.

To buy from the store, you need the in-game currency: RollerToken (RLT). So, if you send crypto to RollerCoin, you will need to buy RLT with it. You can’t use any other crypto in the store.

RolleCoin marketplace

The marketplace was a long-awaited feature! And it’s finally live. Users now have the possibility to buy and sell their miners, parts, and racks.

The marketplace radically changed the way to play the game, as anyone can now have access to past miners and their bonuses. As a result, no one is safe for a whale to come in and climb the ranks with their money.

We’ve seen an explosion of the power of the most powerful miners, who could overcome the limits of the seasons and special offers.

All in all, the marketplace makes the game more exciting!

Seasons: A new era for RollerCoin

On August 3, 2021, the team announced the first season pass. And it’s now a recurring part of the gameplay. Seasons are free themed events during which miners complete daily tasks and get exclusive rewards: Miners, trophies, power, racks, tokens, etc.

Here are the seasons we’ve had so far:

  • Season I: Perfection
  • Season II: Dark Star
  • Season III: Christmas Time
  • Season IV: Time Travel
  • Season V: Beach Party
  • Season VI: Magic Carnival

With each season come new features. And new miners. Also, buying the premium pass and upgrading to get all rewards at once is very cost-effective! So they’re a great way to climb the ranks faster than with the miners from the store.

Withdrawing from RollerCoin

Now we come to one of the pain points of crypto-platforms and games: Is RollerCoin a scam? Because why would you play this game if you can’t withdraw your earnings, right?

And I have good news: You can easily withdraw your gains. Indeed, I did it on several occasions, as you can see in my history below:

rollercoin withdrawals
I’m stacking sats!

I’m not talking about little amounts: The latest one was for over 250 USD.

The only issue I ever had is the time it takes to actually get your coins. It usually takes 7 to 10 days to receive them. But it teaches you to be patient…

By the way, you need a minimum of 0.0001 sats to withdraw. And you need to confirm each withdrawal by clicking a link in the confirmation email. If you want to withdraw more than 70,000 sats, one of their admins will contact you to confirm the transaction manually.

If you have any questions, you can check their FAQ or email [email protected]. Their support team is quite responsive.


What is RollerCoin?

RollerCoin is an online game where you personify a miner, and you compete against other players to mine real cryptocurrencies. It’s available on browsers on computers and smartphones.

Is RollerCoin legit?

Yes, RollerCoin is legit, as far as I can tell. I have signed up in 2019. And I’ve been playing since. But, more important: I’ve been withdrawing assets on a weekly/monthly basis. I’ve had issues with the withdrawal delay sometimes, but I’ve always received my earnings. You can expect to wait 3 to 5 days after you submitted your request.


This play to earn game is fun, exciting, and growing rapidly. For me, it’s the best bitcoin game in 2024. In addition to playing popular mini-games, you get to build your own virtual mining empire online. And it can become a legitimate source of passive income. That’s why I hope RollerCoin is here to stay.

Why do I play this game? Because I have nothing to lose more than a few minutes playing mini-games in the restroom or while waiting for the next train. And I get paid for it! Also, from experience and the other RollerCoin reviews I read, the developers are working hard to maintain and grow this website.

But as usual, you should be careful and do your own research. And, if you can, you should regularly withdraw your earnings to your wallet.

Finally, I think if you’re a gamer, it’s worth investing time in and seeing where it could be going for you. I’ve been playing on RollerCoin for months and I have cashed out several times. I’m happy about it!

DYOR. NEVER share your private keys! And NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, we recommend using Trezor wallet.
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9.4 Total Score
RollerCoin Review: Excellent!

This is easily one of the best bitcoin games of 2024. And there are always more players joining the platform. If you want to waste time when idle, give it a try and make real money with your virtual data center!

Effort-reward ratio
  • No investment required
  • 1,000 sats for sign up
  • Offers popular mini-games
  • Easy time-killer
  • Allows to earn bitcoin and cryptos
  • Legit source of passive income
  • Customization of character and data center
  • Ads before/after playing
  • Mini-games require commitment
  • Fonts sometimes too small on mobile

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