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Why Coin Airdrops?

This website is the missing link between:

  • Blockchain projects, that want to promote their products and services and grow their communities;
  • Users and early adopters who are looking for opportunities to get free digital assets.

At the time this website was launched, giving away free cryptocurrency was a brand new concept. And we wanted to give a platform for blockchain startups to introduce their disruptive ideas to the public and to teach people about the possibilities they could find online.

We’VE BEEN connectING hundreds of projects with tens of thousands of visitors.

Midas, Founder

As part of our services, we have done the due diligence of all the projects that ran airdrop campaigns on this website. And we’ve only published the ones we validated.

We’re glad to support and to bring our contribution to projects that could change the world we live in. And our team enjoys promoting them to help them achieve their goals.

In addition, we strive to make cryptos easily adoptable for as many people as possible. We explain clearly how to proceed with each airdrop. And we systematically refuse projects that ask for an investment to join their campaigns.

None of the airdrops we listed required any investment from our visitors.

Midas, Founder

Finally, we also offer readers to discover other ways to get free tokens and cryptocoins. Because we all like freebies, don’t we? But the Internet is full of scams. So we take all the websites we recommend for a test run before publishing a review if we think people can benefit from it.

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Who’s behind

My pen name is Midas, like the famous king… And I’ve been writing on several blogs, on different topics, mostly about the latest technologies, privacy, and cryptos. I’m now a kind of aficionado of crypto-currencies, even if I still have much to learn.

Some of them would call themselves a guru. But I’m not there yet!

When I discovered airdrops, I thought that would be a great topic to cover! Because I really enjoy learning about new blockchain projects. I mean – common guys – some of them want to send satellites to space, replace Facebook, or change the face of the world!

While some of them will fail, I love to see people try hard and create stuff. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to be among the early adopters of the next Bill Gates!

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