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Dock.io (DOCK)

What is Dock.io?

Dock.io is a new professional social media network. But it’s built with blockchain technology. The team behind the project wants to bypass data monopolies like LinkedIn, Upwork, Glassdoor and others who control the recruiting industry. And give back the power to users and companies. Also, give some free tokens – as you can see below.

Users have limited opportunities because of a fragmented experience. You know how it is: You have to maintain the same information up to date on each different network. And that’s a real burden for all job seekers. Also, the centralized platforms dictate the rules and they choose how they share your professional data. And mostly for their benefice. Finally, your reputation is non-transferable: It’s linked to a single platform… And you must build up your reputation on new platforms all over again, from the ground up.

But with Dock.io, this nightmare is almost over! Because their protocol allows users to seamlessly transfer professional histories across the internet. And it lets applications and protocols push and pull data. So you’ll be able to easily share your data with job marketplaces, networking apps, applicant tracking systems, HR management systems etc. Imagine the time you’ll save! And the headache…

DOCK tokens by Dock.io

DOCKs are ERC-20 tokens. So, they’re compatible with ethereum. And they are the crypto-currency of the platform. The token’s utility allows applications to exchange any data with each other, with the user controlling sharing of their data. But unlike other blockchain projects, tokens aren’t for users themselves. Indeed, they’re only here to encourage applications to share their data with users and other applications. For further details, you can take a peek at their white paper, which is very instructive.

However, there will be some benefits to hold DOCK tokens, like voting on the future development road-map of the protocol. And you’ll be able to trade them, exchange them and convert them to fiat (USD, Euro, Yen, etc.).

How to get the free DOCK tokens?

First of all, you need to register here. And accept the invite to join my network! Then you’ll need to enter your email address. But you can’t put a fake email address here. Because they’ll send you an email to verify your address and send you the instructions to log in…

Once you verify your address, you’ll have to fill in your profile details. And connect some of your social media accounts. Please note that a Telegram account is necessary to take part in the Docki.io airdrop.

Finally, you’ll need to leave their app and get back to their website. And click on the Join the Airdrop button. A pop up will appear, where you have to:

  1. Join their Telegram channel
  2. Give your Telegram username (with the @)
  3. Input your full name
  4. Give your email address
  5. Input an ethereum address, to receive the free DOCK tokens

Finally, click on Join Airdrop! And there should be a new screen where you can invite one friend, and only one. Choose wisely. Because if your friend registers, you’ll double the tokens from the airdrop!

Also, if you want to get more free DOCK tokens, you can:

  • Invite and earn: Share your personal referral link with your family and friends. And earn a commission when a friend signs up and verifies their account (payable in DOCK tokens)
  • Follow and earn: Follow Dock.io profiles and get DOCK tokens
  • Promote and earn: Participate in their bounty programs on BitcoinTalk, Twitter and Reddit

Don’t forget that you’ll have to verify your account to claim your rewards!

DYOR. NEVER share your private keys! And NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, we recommend using Trezor wallet.
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Dock.io Airdrop
Dock.io is a new professional social media network, built with blockchain technology. To give back the power to users and companies. And they're giving away free tokens!
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