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Buzzex (BZX)

What is Buzzex?

Buzzex is the new projects from the AdzBuzz team. I received a message from Loreen this week because they have just pre-launched their exchange platform. And also because they are running a crypto airdrop campaign!

So what’s this all about? Well, they aim at contributing to the amazing blockchain technology by providing the most beneficial platform to the crypto community. How? By reducing the existing risk factor of the volatile nature of cryptos.

Through their trading platform, they provide numerous features, where users can not only make intellectual trades, and also lucrative angles, to reduce users’ costs and increase their profits.

What’s their goal? To become the world’s biggest digital asset exchange! And to that end, they’ve created a unique system that gives power to users. Indeed, they’ll give you up to 100% discount on trading fees and reward you with more digital assets in the form of daily dividends to grow their portfolio. Finally, they’ll give you weekly airdrops of dividend-earning ACTs (see my AdzBuzz article for further details on that).

But that’s not it. Buzzex wants to help increase the pace of adoption of cryptocurrencies, which in turn benefits
everybody. Because we all agree that there’s a need for more ethical cryptocurrency exchanges, which will bring better opportunities for users!

Buzzex coins by Buzzex

Buzzex coins, ticker BZX, are utility coins built on their own blockchain. So you’ll need to download your Buzzex coin wallet to get your free cryptocoins. And the initial supply is 750,000,000 BZX coins. What else can I tell you about these coins?

  1. Holding BZX Coins gives a 5-100% discount on trading fees: People holding 1,000-20,000 BZX will receive a discount when trading on Buzzex. This means BZX not only has utility but also intrinsic value.
  2. Holding BZX Coins allows traders to earn daily dividends: Everybody that Holds 20,000 or more BZX Coins on Buzzex will receive daily dividends. Dividends will be paid daily from all income streams of the Buzzex Platform.
  3. Holding BZX Coins allows traders to earn from weekly airdrops: Not only will holding 20,000 or more BZX Coins allow traders to earn daily dividends, but they will also earn dividend earning tokens in weekly airdrops.
  4. Holding BZX Coins allows you to vote on new coin listings: Holding 20,000 coins gives you 1 vote on new listings. For every 5,000 BZX, you hold more you will get 1 extra vote.
  5. Stake BZX Coins and earn from the blockchain: BZX Coin is a POS (proof of stake) coin. This means you can simply hold coins in your offline wallet and earn rewards for helping to secure the blockchain.
  6. Set up BZX Coin Master nodes: Want to earn even more rewards? You can also set up a BZX Coin master node and earn from a limited pool of blockchain rewards.
  7. Buzzex Coin DAO: They want to become the worlds’ first cryptocurrency exchange DAO. Submitting proposals on the blockchain can be done using BZX coins to help grow the entire Buzzex Project!

How to get free BZX coins?


First of all, you need to create an account on their platform, here. And the sign up is easy. You need to fill in your email address in the signup section. Then confirm your registration and your good to go.

Buzzex airdrop campaign

To join their airdrop, you must have an account on their platform. And if you don’t have one yet, create one here. Then, you can start completing tasks to get free BZX coins:

Please note that it’s limited to the first 100,000 people to join the Buzzex.io and re-tweet their prelaunch post. And if you’re lucky enough to be among them, you’ll earn 100 free BZX coins.

Earn rewards

When you’re done with the airdrop, there are other ways to get more free BZX tokens. And these are all listed under the tab Earn Rewards tab from your user area. So you’ll need an account to check them out. You can create one here.

At the time I wrote this article, there were all these opportunities available:

  • Vote For Your Favorite Coin and earn 500 free BZX coins
  • Upgrade limits by becoming KYC-verified and earn 100 free BZX coins
  • Refer friends to Buzzex and earn 10 free BZX coins
  • Participate in Buzzex Bounty Campaigns and earn 10,000 free BZX coins
  • Buzzex Bounty Campaign Referral Program and earn 10,000 free BZX coins
  • Become a Global Ambassador and earn 10,000 free BZX coins

So that’d over 30,000 BZX coins available for you to grab! Not bad, right?

DYOR. NEVER share your private keys! And NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, we recommend using Trezor wallet.
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Buzzex Airdrop
Buzzex is not just another crypto exchange. The platform offers many ways to get free coins and free tokens. It starts with their airdrop. Register now!
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