Airdrops of the week #52

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USDX is a crypto wallet that aims at being suitable for everyday payments. In a few words, it’s a seamless and secure way to pay that is lightning fast and with no fees. Anyone can use the user-friendly wallet app, on Android or iOS. And instead of an address, you get to choose your username that’s much easier to remember. To send money to someone, you simply need their username and the transactions are instantaneous. As a rule, I recommend using Trezor Wallet. But this is also a fine solution.

Requirements for the USDX airdrop:

  • Install the app from this link
    • Create an account using your real phone number
    • Rate the app on the Google Play or App Store
    • Write a review to get the free USD tokens
  • Discuss with their airdrop bot here
  • Join their Telegram group
  • Join their Telegram channel
  • Follow their Twitter page
    • Retweet 1 of their tweets
  • Follow their Facebook page and like 1 post
  • Enjoy your free USDX tokens!

Fundin (FDN)


Fundin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency, developed with a motive to enhance the crowdfunding process by securing Backer’s who are always in the risk of losing investments in new products and services – despite paying heavy fees in those platforms. Their main objective is to eliminate mediators by leveraging blockchain technology for creative and innovative projects.

What are the requirements for Fundin airdrop?

  • Sign up here
  • Go to the bounties tab and complete the actions to get free FDN tokens
    • Follow them on Twitter
    • Follow them on Telegram
    • Follow them on LinkedIn
    • Follow them on Discord
    • Refer your friends and families

Platon Finance (PLTC)


Platon finance is building a complex fair-trade crypto-financial ecosystem which benefits are crypto-insurance, latest cyber-security technologies, and asset valuation. If you use their wallet, they will ensure all your crypto assets through Lloyd’s syndicate. In terms of security, they’re using Symantec corporation for their software and smart contracts. Regarding asset valuation, buying properties by OPISAS is just the beginning and they’re planning a full digital valuation of material property.

What are the requirements of Platon Finance airdrop?

  • Join their Telegram chat group and be an active member of the group, by participating in the discussion
  • Like and follow their Facebook page and be an active contributor, by liking and sharing their posts regularly
  • Follow their Twitter page and be an active contributor, to liking their tweets and retweeting them regularly
  • Fill out the crypto airdrop form here



IDAP stands for International Digital Asset Platform. And it aims at providing a complete derivatives ecosystem for crypto assets, offering futures, calendar and butterfly, options and swap among major trading products. Their platform also supports spot trading, P2P lending, and ETFs. This is the second round of crypto airdrop – this one comes with a referral program!

What are the requirements for the IDAP airdrop?

  • Register here to get 200 free IDAP tokens
  • Visit the affiliate tab and get your unique referral link
  • Share your link and get free IDAP tokens when your friends sign-up
  • Bonus: If your friends buy IDAP tokens, you’ll get a 25% commission



KIBIS is helping the unbanked population by deploying self-service kiosks around the world. This will enable people to pay for utilities, top-up their mobile phones, donate to charitable organizations, buy cryptocurrency gift cards and much more. The KIBIS coin will help facilitate payment on the self-service kiosks.

What are the requirements for the KIBIS airdrop?

  • Register here
  • Follow their Twitter account and re-tweet one of their posts
  • Like their Facebook page
  • Join their Telegram channel
  • Fill in all your information on the airdrop form to get your free KIBIS coins
  • Share your unique referral link with your friends to get a 10% commission on their purchases (optional)
  • Engage on one or more of the social media channels and get a proportionate reward (optional)
DYOR. NEVER share your private keys! And NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, we recommend using Trezor wallet.
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