Developeo (DEVX)

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What is Developeo?

Now we’re getting serious, with another ethereum airdrop. Developeo is a blockchain startup seeking to solve the problems of the fourth industrial revolution. Indeed, their analysis is that technology is great for humanity. But it also generates new issues that we’ll have to face sooner or later. And they’re offering a solution.

So what are we talking about here exactly? Basically, people may lose their jobs because of robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). And we’re talking about a loss of 40% of jobs in the US by 2030, according to their white paper. Yes, that’s a lot… Imagine how it will impact society!

And, according to Developeo, an education related to new next-gen technologies is a key to remain unaffected. That’s why they’ll organize boot camps to raise highly knowledgeable (potential) software developers.

But there’s more! Because they’re also building a platform, where open-source developers will be able to offer their services. And get rewarded fairly for their work, depending on their certifications.

DEVX tokens by Developeo

Their platform will be built on the ethereum blockchain. And the crypto-currency of their marketplace, the Developeo tokens or DEVX tokens, will follow the ERC20 rules. The total supply will be 600,000,000 DEVX tokens.

As I said above, there’s a reward for developers. And this reward is paid in DEVX tokens. Also, DEVX tokens will allow users to buy products and services on the marketplace. Finally, the tokens will be available on exchanges for speculation.

How to get the free DEVX tokens?

Developeo airdrop is easy to join. And it requires only a few social actions to complete. First of all, you need to join their Telegram group (so you need the app and an account). And then you need to follow their Twitter Account (once again, get the app and an account). And their Facebook page.

Finally, you need to fill in their Google form to apply. You’ll need to share your:

  • Telegram username
  • Twitter username
  • Facebook username
  • ETH wallet address

And Developeo will airdrop the tokens after the completion of the token sale.

Midas' touch

DYOR. NEVER share your private keys for a coin airdrop! And to make sure you receive your tokens from the crypto airdrop, NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, I recommend using Trezor wallet.


Developeo Airdrop
Developeo is all about open source development: Online education, certifications and marketplace. And their platform is fueled by their native coins: DEVX tokens. They're giving away free DEVX tokens as part of their airdrop campaign. Get yours now!
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