Airdrops of the week #44

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Galaxy Coin (GC)


Galaxy Coin is a multi-asset multi-chain wallet with P2P trading and lending capabilities and their team is trying to tackle the problem of exchange hacks.

Requirements for the Galaxy Coin airdrop:

  • Register an account here
  • Create a wallet
  • Pass KYC
  • Refer friends to earn 20 GC tokens per referral

Calypso (CLP)


Calypso is a transactional privacy-driven open source cryptocurrency with PoS, Masternodes and Private send.

Requirements for the Calypso airdrop:

  • Download the wallet from here
  • Wait for the wallet to synchronize
  • Create an address to receive your free CLP coins

Wellmee (WLME)


With their app, Wellmee makes it possible for employers to reward their employees with free cryptocoins to make them happier at work.

Requirements for the Wellmee airdrop:

  • Join their Telegram channel and their Telegram group
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Like their Facebook page
  • Like their LinkedIn page (optional)
  • Fill in the Wellmee Airdrop form, accessible here
  • Subscribe to their newsletter at the bottom of their homepage



IcoVoz is an ICO listing platform, a bit like is an airdrop listing platform. And users can review ICOs can give them ratings. Only the highest ranking ICOs appear at the top of the list.

Requirements for the ICOVoz airdrop:

  • Register for the airdrop here
  • Confirm your email address
  • Go to the Complete Actions tab to get free VOZ tokens

Flexion (FXN)


Flexion is a trading platform that offer opportunities to cryptocurrency traders and investors. And it helps users to trade using key technical indicators, big data, analytics, community strategies, fundamental analysis and automated trading bots.

Requirements for the Flexion airdrop:

  • Register on the platform here
  • Complete the actions to get free FXN tokens

Trakx (TKX)


Trakx is a platform where users can trade crypto trackers or Coin Traded Indices (CTIs).

Requirements for the Trakx airdrop:

  • Register here
  • Complete the actions to earn free TKX tokens

Monico (MONI)


Monico is a mobile trading app where users can find ICOs and purchase tokens. There’s also an exchange where users can trade tokens.

Requirements for the Monico airdrop:

  • Visit this page
  • Fill out the form to get free MONI tokens

Cryptmix (CMX)


Cryptmix is a promotion platform for crypto-projects.

Requirements for the Cryptmix airdrop:

Scientific Coin (SNcoin)


Scientific Coin is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for scientific projects.

Requirements of the Scientific Coin airdrop:

  • Create an account here to get free SNcoin tokens

Hashworld (HSC)


HashWorld is a blockchain game with virtual economic qualities, like a blockchain version of Monopoly. Users can play games to “mine” tokens and complete tasks to obtain high-value digital currencies

Requirements for the Hashworld airdrop:

  • Register here to get 100 HSC tokens or you can use this QR code:

hashworld register

Stox (STX)


Stox is a decentralized predictions markets platform, where users are able to forecast in any imaginable event. More info on the Stox airdrop.


  • Sign up here
  • Confirm your email address
  • Follow their Telegram group to get 50 STX
  • Make a prediction to get 50 STX

VogoV (OGO)


Vogov is an adult-content studio that’s implementing blockchain, not only as a payment method, but also to allow for the selling and buying of adult oriented goods and services. You can even vote for the scenario of their next movie!

Requirements for the VogoV airdrop:

  • Sign up on their website, here
  • Participate in the voting
  • Follow them on
  • Make at least 1 post on one of these networks, including a link to their site:
  • Sign up for the airdrop, to get your free OGO tokens

Finlocale (FNL)


Finlocale is a peer-to-peer crypto marketplace where users can buy and sell bitcoins securely through escrow and private online chat.

Requirements for Finlocale airdrop:

  • Sign up on their platform here
  • Activate your account (validate your email address)
  • Talk with their Telegram bot, here
  • Complete the actions to get free FNL tokens

Shark Lotto (SHLT)


Shark Lotto is transforming the conventional lottery by integrating block-chain technology. Winnings are distributed on the ethereum network. And the results of each game are verifiable in the open registry. Therefore, they can’t be manipulated.

Requirements for Shark Lotto airdrop:

  • Join their Telegram Group
  • Like and follow their Facebook Page
    • Like and share their latest post
  • Follow them on Twitter
    • Like and share their latest post
  • Fill out the airdrop form to get free SHLT tokens

Brain Space (IMP)


Brain Space is a platform that offers users accessible, convenient and understandable procedures for the registration and the recording of their Intellectual Property (IP).

Requirements for the Brain Space airdrop:

  • Register on their platform
  • Join their Telegram.
  • Follow their Facebook page
    • Like their latest post
  • Follow their Twitter account
    • Like their latest tweet
  • In the settings tab, fill in your ethereum wallet address
  • In the Bounty tab, click on Participate under the “Air Drop” section
    • Fill in your usernames
    • Click on Join

DYOR. NEVER share your private keys! And NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, we recommend using Trezor wallet.
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