Airdrops of the week #43

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Platin (PTNX)


This platform allows anyone to geo-locate any digital asset (cryptocurrencies, documents, images, etc.), anywhere on the map, anywhere in the world, in real time.

Requirements for the Platin airdrop:

  • Join their Telegram (25 PTNX)
  • Follow them on Twitter (25 PTNX)
    • Send a tweet mentioning, @platin_io and #ProofOfLocation
    • Comment on one of their recent tweets
    • Like 2 of their tweets
  • Complete and get approved for the KYC (50 PTNX)

X Infinity (XIF)


This is a unified crypto wallet that’s organizing a coin airdrop. And it allows users to transact easily, using any blockchain asset as a currency.

Requirements for the X Infinity airdrop:

  • Register an account here
  • Under “Referrer’s Code”, enter [email protected]
  • Confirm your phone number
  • Verify your email
  • Download the wallet app on Android or iOS to get 10 free XIF tokens
  • Promote this project with your friends and get an additional 5 XIF for every NEW account registered using your Referrer’s Code (your account email).

Qlear Protocol (QLEAR)


This is a protocol that can turn online gaming platforms into a secure, transparent and trusted environment. And it allows developers to make games faster while guarantying fair play.

Requirements for Qlear airdrop:

  • Visit this page
  • Complete 3 actions
  • Fill their online form to get 300 free QLEAR tokens

Tradesprite (CGC)


This is a crypto-exchange platform with a twist: It’s using a subscription fee model, like Netflix, through their native token.

Requirements for the Tradesprite airdrop:

  • Sign-up here
  • Set your password
  • Complete the KYC
  • Join their Telegram

Student Coin (STC)


This is a platform where students can receive discounts, build their investment portfolios, prepare themselves for life after university, etc.

Requirements for the Student Coin airdrop:

  • Create a wallet here (you must use this wallet – the airdrop is built this way)
  • Join their Telegram Channel
  • Join them on Telegram
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Follow them on Facebook
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Fill out this form to get your free STC tokens

EzCash (EZE)


This is a C2C Marketplace that enables users to buy and sell goods and services with each other, through a secure and P2P blockchain network, bypassing intermediaries, dealers, and third-parties.

Requirements for the EzCash airdrop:



This is an mCommerce palatform that combines Augmented Reality (AR) and blockchain technology.

Requirements for ARFREYR airdrop:

  • Signup here
  • Join their Telegram group
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Join them on Medium
  • Join them on Reddit
  • Fill out this form to get your free FRY tokens

Payout (PO)


This is a debit card that is linked to your crypto assets (bitcoin and ERC20).

Requirements for the Payout airdrop:

  • Register here
  • Verify your email address
  • Join their Telegram group
  • Send the message in your wallet “bounty XXXXXX” to receive free PO tokens
  • Refer your friend to get even more PO

Monoreto (MNR)


This is a social network using blockchain to monetize likes and reposts.

Requirements for the Monoreto airdrop:

  • Register an account here
  • Download their app on iOS or Android
  • Give the app five stars and leave a comment (optional).
  • Publish three unique photos.
  • Complete this Google Form
  • Subscribe to their Telegram Channel
  • Invite your friends and get 40 more free MNR tokens

Dylyver (DYC)


This is a ride sharing and on-demand package delivery platform. And they aim to disrupt the transportation market by using the blockchain technology and by introducing their own crypto, Dycoin token, ticker DYC.

Requirements for Dylyver airdrop:

  • Register an account here
  • Go to this form
    • Complete the actions
    • Fill out the information
    • Submit to get your free DYC tokens
DYOR. NEVER share your private keys! And NEVER use an exchange wallet address! Instead, we recommend using Trezor wallet.
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