Airdrops of the week #41

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Buzzex (BZX)


This is a new crypto-exchange which organize weekly airdrops. Further details on Buzzex airdrop.


Athero (THO)


This is an infrastructure for dApps (decentralized apps) powered by smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain. Their ecosystem combines finance, blockchain technology, and the Internet Of Things (IOT). And they provide a global, open source and decentralized supercomputer which anyone can access.

Requirements for Athero airdrop:

EveryCoin (EYC)


This is the main blockchain of the Aaron platform. And it’s a liquid currency which price fluctuates according to the logic of the market economy.

Requirements for the EveryCoin airdrop:

  • Go to the airdrop page here
  • Follow the instructions and fill out the forms to get your free EYC tokens

Karbon14 (K14)


This is one of the first applications to use the benefits of blockchain to create Proof of Life Certificates. And they generate a unique hash, saved in a Smart Contract, from the information used to create the certificates.

Requirements for the Karbon14 airdrop:

Utile Network (UTL)


This is a platform for investors and influencers, which aims at building a community where users share information and work together to maximize everyone’s profit.

Requirements for Utile Network airdrop:

X-Block (IX)


This is a super-contract structure where the team is not only strengthening the ability of smart contracts on the blockchain to gather mass computing resources but also revolutionarily expanding smart contracts.

Requirements for the X-Block airdrop:

  • Register on their platform
  • Go to the bounty tab
    • Fill out your ethereum wallet address
    • Complete the tasks to get free IX tokens

preCharge (PCPi)


This is a payment solution that offers a Certified Payments program and supports the war against transaction fraud. And it allows users to make payments instantly through emails.

Requirements for preCharge airdrop:

Cryptonity (XNY)


This is an exchange platform for the community. And they offer a nice crypto-airdrop!

Requirements for the Cryptonity airdrop:

  • Talk to their Telegram bot
  • Follow all the instructions to get free XNY tokens



This is a liquidity provider on the cryptocurrency market. It aggregates buy and sell orders simultaneously from a pool of the most popular world exchanges. And it accumulates the necessary liquidity volume at the right time.

Requirements for the FortFC airdrop:

  • Sign up here
  • Go to the airdrop tab
  • Complete the actions to get free FFCT tokens

BlockToken (BLT)


This is a token issuance platform that encompasses onboarding, distribution to investors, token generation and post-token offering liquidity and governance.

Requirements for the BlockToken airdrop:

  • Register here
  • Complete the tasks to get free BLT tokens
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